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Den Chief patchI Want To Be A Den Chief:  What Should I Do?

Step 1: Get Permission. Your first step to becoming a Den Chief is to speak with the Scoutmaster.  The Scoutmaster will discuss the position with you and determine if you can use the position for advancement.  

Step 2: Get Trained. After obtaining permission from the Scoutmaster, your next step is to get trained.  Den Chief training occurs at multiple times throughout the year.  Training is typically done in one day.  It is an invaluable tool to becoming a productive Den Chief.  Check the Tall Timbers District website for available training dates. (   If training is not available in a timely manner, you may be trained by your Den Leader.  

Step 3: Find a Den. Your next step is to find a den.  Your Scoutmaster may have some requests for a Den Chief already.  If not, you can contact the Cubmaster of a Pack you are interested in working with.  You can work with any den from any Pack.  After obtaining the names of Den Leaders who are interested in having a Den Chief, you should contact them.  You need to discuss when, where and how often they meet.  Use this information to determine if your schedules are compatible.

Step 4: Determine Your Responsibilities.  After finding a den, you will need to meet with the Den Leader to determine your responsibilities.  These will be different for each den.  At this time, you will need to have the Den Leader sign and date your Den Chief Responsibilities form.   A copy of this signed/dated form needs to be turned into the Troop’s Advancement Chairman.  Note, the Troop Advancement Chairman cannot give you credit for leadership without this document since this is the troop's only way of knowing if you have started your term as a Den Chief.  It is your responsibility to make sure this form gets filled out and turned in.  

Step 5: Have Fun! You have now found a compatible den and turned in your paperwork to the Troop Advancement Chairman.  You are ready to work!  It is your responsibility to keep in contact with your Den Leader and make sure you are aware of your duties at each den/pack meeting.  When you are ready to have your next Scoutmaster Conference, you need to get the Den Chief Responsibilities Form signed and dated.  You should then turn in a copy of this form into the Advancement Chairman.  Keep the original to show the Scoutmaster at your conference.

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