Enchanted Rock climing outing planned (Jun '09) Print
Enchanted Rock ClimbersASM Dr. Winkel and ASM Mr. Bennett are taking a team for climbing/repelling at Enchanted Rock leaving June 5th and returning June 7th.  We will depart Friday afternoon/evening and return Sunday afternoon.
  • Our current plan is to eat as a group. 
  • We have no activities other than climbing planned.
  • We currently have reservations for 16 in water only campsites near the park's entrance.  Additional campsites are currently available should demand exceed this number.  Our current maximum transportation capacity is 9. 
To participate in this activity, a scout must have demonstrated basic competency during our January campout, or demonstrate the ability to properly put on a harness and secure themselves with a Figure 8 follow through knot at least a week prior to departure. 

We are planning to climb in areas know as Morning Veranda, The Caves, and the Devil's Slide, all depending on weather conditions.  Climbs will average in difficulty from 5.5 up to 5.8, with harder ascents available.  These will be strenuous activities and scouts should be prepared to pace themselves, help carry gear 1 mile or more to a climbing site, and carry a minimum of three bottles of water.  Mr. Bennett will have his climbing guide to Enchanted Rock that has details regarding these climbs at future meetings.

Please respond to Mr. Bennett via email if you / your scout desires / commits to attending or has questions. 

Enchanted Rock has additional activities available including primitive camping and miles of trails.

Our preliminary agenda:

4-6 pm.            Depart CCUM
8-10pm.           Arrive ERock

6:30am             Breakfast
7:30am             Depart for climbing
12:00pm           Trail Lunch
5:30pm             Halt climbing & pack
6:00pm             Return to camp
7:30pm             Dinner
9:00pm             Showers
10:00pm           Taps

6:30am             Breakfast
7:30am             Depart for climbing
11:00am           Trail Snack/Stop climbing.
11:30pm           Stow gear
12:30pm           Break camp
1:30pm             Lunch in Fredricksburg
5:00pm             Return CCUM

Weather: http://www.wunderground.com/cgi-bin/findweather/getForecast?query=78624