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Hamman Scout Camp

Hamman Scout Camp offers three High Adventure programs that are coordinated with El Rancho Cima summer camp.  Scouts travel with their troop to El Ranch Cima and then join a special crew for their High Adventure program.  The available programs are as follows:
Summer Trek
Description:  The week will offer the Scouts a wide variety of adventure: rock climbing/rappelling, backpacking, geology and archeology, conservation, whitewater tubing, horseback riding and much, much more.
Age Restrictions: 13 and above
Fee:  $245.00
Pack and Paddle
Description:  Scouts can try their fishing skills and their hand at nature photography.  The week will offer the Scouts the opportunity to test their canoeing and canoe camping skills, earn a portion of Whitewater merit badge, and much, much more.
Age Restrictions: 13 and above
Fee:  $245.00
Topping Out
Description:  The week will offer the participants, in addition to climbing/rappelling, a wide variety of adventure to choose from:  fly fishing, archaeology, star gazing, swimming, whitewater tubing, horseback riding, and much, much more.
Age Restrictions: 14 and above by June 1
Fee:  $245.00
Please note that participation in these programs is limited, so we will need to sign up early.
The following web site has additional information:

Ozark Highlands Trail Backpacking Expedition

In the past, Troop 889 has had a backpacking expedition that will be traveling approximately 50 miles along the Ozark Highlands Trail.  This will be a great backpacking adventure.  It is a relatively unpopulated area with lots of wildlife and elevations up to about 5,000 feet.
This is a great chance to get the Hiking merit badge, which is otherwise relatively difficult to get.  (This does require one hike of 20 miles on one day.)
The primary cost will be transportation, so we do not expect it to be expensive.  Scouts will need proper equipment.  Some of this can probably be borrowed.  Scouts will also be required to participate in “getting in shape” activities!
For more information on the Ozark Highlands Trail, please see the following web site:

Project C.O.P.E.

 This is a great confidence-builder and teamwork exercise.
Description:  A Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience that may include problem-solving exercises, low-course activities (conducted from ground level to six feet above ground), and high-course events (several combined activities which require each participant to be belayed, conducted twenty-five feet or more above ground).
Age Restrictions:  At least 13 years old
Cost:  $50.00 per scout (includes 5 meals and a Project Cope shirt)
For more information on Project C.O.P.E., please see the following web site:

Philmont Scout Ranch

Philmont Scout Ranch is generally considered to be the epitome of Boy Scout High Adventure.  Located in the New Mexico Rocky Mountains, Philmont offers a challenging and very rewarding experience.
Description:  There are many adventure and training opportunities at Philmont.  These range from 7-day to 21-day adventures.  There are also opportunities for individual scouts to participate in various programs.
Troop 889 has made application for a Philmont slot for many summers.  Scouts must be 14 years of ago or have finished the 8th grade in order to participate.  We will have more information about this coming later.
For more information on Philmont, visit the following sites: