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Latest News

1) Final Camp Orr roster: (ask for copy) with 27 Scouts, 8 Adults, 35 total.  I have included a tab to show the prerequisites for each Merit Badge.

2) Scout Leadership: Here is the list of Scouts that that indicated an interest in leadership positions for Camp Orr.  I propose we ask them to interview with the Adults next Monday night (June 1) to tell us why they want to lead.  Or we can just decide as a group of Adults before the meeting (or together at the meeting).  Thoughts?

  • Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) – Austin  (Life)
  • Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders (ASPL) (2) – Chase  (Life), Drew  (Life), Connor  (1st Class), Alex  (1st Class), Graham  (1st Class)
  • Quartermaster – Reed  (current troop position)
  • Bugler – Derek  (current troop position)
  • Chaplain Aide – Connor
  • Historian – Jack
  • Scribe – Graham S. (current troop position)

3) Adult Leadership: I revised the adult leadership support as noted below….we can be real flexible on this:

 FCE / Patrol Advisor for Fire-Breathing Wolves (new scout patrol) – Evan Swingholm / John DeCaire

Merit Badges / Other Activities – Stephen Frangos / Damon Buffington

Medical – Stephen Frangos

Climbing – Chip Winkel

Transportation – Nelson Gumm

Quartermaster – Tim Yagley / Mike Lampkin

4) Patrols:  I suggest splitting the scouts into 3 patrols.  We can confirm Patrol Leaders after we get the other leadership set.

Fire-Breathing Wolves (10) – Patrol Leader Taylor (current Patrol Leader)

Cobras (5) and Razorbacks (3) – Patrol Leader David  (current Patrol Leader)

Golden Eagles (6) and Hawks (2) and Sharks (1) – Patrol Leader (Alex, Connor, Jacob, or Zach)?

5) Adult Training: Need YPT training.  Please get me a copy of your card.  I also recommend Trek Safely and Hazardous Weather.

6) Adult Activities:  Camp Orr will let us hike and canoe while the Scouts are in MB classes.  They have lots of trails and maps.  If all the canoes at camp are being used, they told me many outfitters are nearby.  We can also sit and observe the Merit badge classes.  In fact, they might also use some of us to formally help support the MB classes – please let me know if you are a counselor for any of the classes offered if you want to help. 

7) Gear:  They asked us to bring our own dining fly for the troop campsite area.

8) Camp Orr Meeting:  Tim Yagley has agreed for us to have a Scout / parents meeting at the next Troop Meeting on June 1.  We’ll all meet for ~30 min and then the Adults can meet to firm up any details (including visits with scouts for leadship positions?).

Thanks much for your input and support.  

Damon Buffington
ASM, Troop 889