Summer Camp 2012 Print

What’s Summer Camp??
As was previously announced, the Troop is heading to El Rancho Cima near Wimberley Texas (northwest of San Marcos).  We have reserved 50 slots at the Cockrell River Camp on the banks of the nice, cool Blanco River.
For those of you that are new to the Troop and/or Boy Scouts, you may be wondering “What’s Summer Camp?”. In a word: FUN. The boys and some adult leaders will head-off to Cima for a week of learning and fun. The first year Scouts will participate in the Blanco Blast, which is Cima’s First Class Emphasis (FCE) program that will get our first year Scouts started down the path to Eagle Scout by satisfying several requirements for Tenderfoot, Second Class & First Class Scout. Along with FCE, all Scouts attending will have the opportunity to participate in Merit Badge classes to work on a variety of fun and exciting Merit Badges. This is also a great opportunity for the older scouts to knock a few Eagle required Merit Badges off the list or to explore something new and interesting.
The Blanco Blast program will run in the mornings.  The 2nd half of the day will be the first year scouts initial opportunities to work on a couple of Merit Badges.
Along with the hard work throughout the day, there will be free time to swim and explore Cima and the surrounding area.
We will be attending Summer Camp from July 8th to July 14th
Sounds Great!!! How much???
The cost for a Scout to attend is $250 for the week + transportation. The cost for an Adult Leader to attend is $100 + transportation. For transportation, we’ll rent four or five 15-passenger vans to drive to Wimberley. This will minimize the size of the caravan heading out of town and will allow us to have transportation while at camp should the need arise for vehicles. We have placed a deposit for 50 attendees.
Required Adult Leader Training
Parents, if you’d like to attend Summer Camp with your son(s), there will be any opportunity for several parents to come along. We try to keep a good ratio between adult and scout to ensure Scout safety while providing opportunities for the Scouts to develop leadership skills and, well, just have a good time. If a parent would like to attend, he/she MUST complete Youth Protection Training prior to Summer Camp. This is non-negotiable. The training is offered online at and takes about an hour.
There's also a new requirement for training this year.  Any adults attending a long-term (more than 72 hours) scouting activity, must attend a YPT classroom training course.  Details of when the class is offered will be forwarded as soon as they are finalized.
BSA Swim Tests
Everyone attending Summer Camp (including adults) must complete a BSA Swim Test.  We are working with the Shadowbend YMCA to schedule the swim tests around Troop activities and holidays in April.  I'll have firm dates on that at the parent meeting and will also communicate the dates in a separate email.
We’ve setup an online registration system for scouts and adults to register for Summer Camp.