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Are You Ready to Start Your Adventure in Boy Scouts?

Welcome to Troop 889! We are excited of your decision to join Boy Scouts and very excited that you've chosen Troop 889 as your troop. To get you started, we've prepared some documents to help you learn a little about Troop 889 and ease you through the start-up process.

If you are a guest simply looking for more information about Boy Scouts and Troop 889, download this document:
icon Prosepctive Scout Info (272.88 kB)

If your son is ready to join Troop 889 and you need to know the next steps for membership, please download this checklist:
icon T889 - New Family Info Packet (45.16 kB)

Our Troop 889 Procedures and Guidelines manual which tells details about the troop procedures:
icon Troop Procedures and Guidelines Manual (1.2 MB)